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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thanks to my friends and supporters

September 28, 2008

On Friday night we had a rousing and raucous fund raising party hosted by my wonderful friends, the Voodoo Darlings, and their band, Voodoo Box. thanks to them and all those who showed up or donated. And for those who didn't make it (several people said they would be there and did not come), you can still get involved right now by making a small donation to the campaign. I have a PayPal account on my website at and it takes only a minute or so to do it.

If you are wondering if it will do any good, let me report that I have a TV commercial coming out nest week, which will be shown on at least one or two local stations as well as YouTube. We will be doing some radio advertising, and internet as well. We have already started ads in three print publications; and you can see a recent comment on this blog by someone who responded to one of those ads. We ARE going to be heard; and your donation can help. TV and radio spots start in the area of $10. Can you afford to sponsor a spot or two?

More soon about some other wonderful people who have helped make a difference. Keep it up guys, we are beginning to scare them!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My opponent and the press

September 24, 2008

Today I opened the Salt Lake City weekly newspaper in anticipation of seeing one of my ads there for my candidacy. And I did, but on the very next page was a very interesting article about the current Attorney General. I have never had cause to question his honesty, and I do not do so now; but one wonders how he can take $35,000 in contributions for his campaign from a firm that has a large no-bid contract with his office, and employs his daughter, without apparently even noticing that it looks and smells bad. We Libertarians do not get contributions like that; and obviously I have nothing to give in return. But the disparity in resources does seem slightly clearer to me now. Wow! So, in the unlikely event that I am elected Attorney General in six weeks, I hereby pledge that I will serve only one term, and get out. There will be no reelection campaign kitty to be fed by those who may THINK they might get a favor as a result; and there will be no questions like there are here. To see the article click here:

Today also there was a nice article about me in the Utah Daily Chronicle. It pointed out that I was not invited to the upcoming Hinckley Institute debate because of the perception that I am not a serious candiate. Hopefully, there will be opportunities to convince others that I am, especially in light of the Democratic candidate's weak showing in the polls. Please, if you like what I say, help me spread the word that I am running and that I have something to say that is worth listening to. That article can be seen here:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A good week

September 20, 2008

This week has been a good one for the campaign, though I struggle to keep up with that and still maintain my law practice. I am having great fun, but will be relieved in six weeks when it is over. There are only six weeks to make an impact, and we will do that, with your help. The latest poll, which identifies me as "other" shows I am making progress, and that the Democrat is not. So, my goal is to come in at least second; and that will send a major message that we are to be listened to.

I have now got signs and other campaign material all over the state. See my website, and look for "campaign materials" to get your signs, bumper stickers, and flyers. I will post the flyer online shortly, so you can download it for distribution. I also have t-shirts and some big banners. Anyone who has a place where we can hang one, please let me know.

I was interviewed twice by Utah publications this week, and we started print advertising. I think I convinced both reporters that I am the best candidate. If I could talk to everyone for a few minutes, I would win. My fund raising is doing better, and I should have some money for radio advertisements (and maybe a little TV) as well. Send in your contributions today.

I am still being excluded from debates and other appearances, so it would help if you would contact sponsors and ask them to include me. Also, watch online for chances to comment on political news stories, and to mention me and our other candidates. Call our campaign office at 801 565-1988 to get involved. And see my campaign message, which isnow online on Youtube.

Last night, as I stood on the Trax platform, a woman on the train going the other way, started waving and pointed to my "Libertarian" hat, indicating she really liked it. get yours for only $15, and help us get our message out simply by wearing it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Events and advertising

September 12, 2008

My campaign will start print advertising next week, and I hope to follow it with other media, including a real cool TV ad. Help out with a donation if you can. This week I received a terse note from KUER (supposedly public radio, paid for by taxpayer money) saying early polls on my race did not justify them interviewing me for their station. I am wondering how they justified interviewing the Democrat, who has very little support or money. If you would like to comment on my exclusion, you can do so at But, that is the life of a "third party" candidate, and we will do the best we can with what we have. Keep your eye out for my efforts to become more visible. And in an interesting coincidence today, the Deseret News published a new poll showing both of my opponents slipping, while I am gaining support, and more than ever are undecided. Yes, I'm still in third place, but I am doing better, even though the pollster only mentions me as "other".

Two weeks from tonight we will be having a really cool campaign fundraising event at the Paper Moon club at 3737 S. State St. in Salt Lake. Tickets will be $20 at the door, but only $10 if paid for in advance through our slick reservation site. So log on right now and reserve your tickets. And bring some extra money to tip the dancers and to donate to the campaign. and let's have some fun taking on the establishment.

See you there, and in other places around the State. Stick it to the man!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

My campaign video, and my opponent

September 6, 2008

The 5 minute message I made for Valley TV, at Salt Lake Community College is up on their website. Please watch it and pass it on. The producer came out of his booth to say he liked what I have to say. If people listen, they will often agree. I need help in getting them to listen.

In today's news, the Deseret News editorialized against the current Attorney General's website, which shows video and comment on the arrests of people suspected, but not convicted, of crimes; and Paul Rolly's column reported on the interesting uses of campaign money by the current Attorney General. both in Saturday's editions. Check them out, and see even more reasons to vote for me.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Campaign Financing, and voting

September 5, 2008

This week the Salt Lake Tribune reported that the current Attorney General as $241,000 in the bank to about $16,000 for his Democratic opponent. I was not mentioned, though I am a lot closer to her than she is to me. The large amount for the incumbent included several checks for $20,000 apiece. His contributions come from companies and major law firms who may hope to gain some favor someday. Well, I don't have favors to hand out (and it does not look like Ms. Hill does either), but I could sure use some small contributions either by mail or by PayPal. see to help out with donations, volunteering, etc. And watch for my completely redesigned and upgraded website which will premiere within the next few days. It is quite professional and beautiful. I am working as hard as I can to make a difference in the debate, and I really do need some help. So, even if $5.00 is all you can do, do it now.

The campaign contributions give to the current Attorney General by those who want to curry his favor really are obscene. He says, of course, that influence is not for sale. And, as a defender of free speech, I do not believe in government regulation of such things. But, it sure puts "ordinary people", like both of his opponents, at a terrible disadvantage. On the other hand, Barack Obama and Ron Paul raised large amounts of money this year from many small donors. Those who do not want government paid for by corporate political action committees should take this opportunity to make a small donation to offset them. If enough people do that, the advantage can be diminished.

Last week someone commented on seeing a bumper sticker on my car; and that maybe it was the only one in the whole State. Signs and bumper stickers have been going out this week. E-mail me and I will send you a couple of stickers, or come by and get signs. See my website for other places where they can be picked up, starting this week.

As I talk to people around the State about voting, many tell me that they are convicted felons and cannot vote. Yes, in many states, the opposition is stifled by convicting them of drug possession and then taking away their right to vote. Not in Utah. We consider the right to vote to be sacred here. If you are not registered, once again see my website about how and where to register. That is one less excuse. Those who would oppress us always vote. The least we can do is to do the same. Register yourself and a friend today. General registration closes on October 15, so don't wait.
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