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Monday, March 07, 2016

Marijunana laws in Utah

I spent the morning listening to the Utah House of Representative committee hearings on medical marijuana. The less inclusive bill passed committee, after two substitutions. The more inclusive bill did not. As I listened to the long-winded explanations and debate, it became even more clear to me that they were debating the wrong thing. Much of the debate was on how to make sure this is not a step towards "recreational" legalization, and the sponsors dutifully reported on all of the regulations to avoid that. As a Libertarian, however, I do support full legalization. My clients should not be pulled over, searched arrested, convicted of a crime, and possibly have DCFS take their children away, for smoking pot, which is perfectly legal just to the east. Perhaps it is time to dump the talk of tightly regulated medical use, and just tell it like it is. They can't stop people from smoking it, and they should stop ruining lives by trying.


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