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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Watching porn in Utah

March 3, 2009

Today's newspapers reported that Utah ranks No. 1 per capita among the 50 states in subscriptions to adult websites. Explanations for this run from the fact that Utah has younger population to the fact that adult movies are not easily available here by other means. Most mail order services will not send adult movies into Utah for fear of being prosecuted, so it is easier and safer to order it online.

This morning's Doug Wright Show on KSL radio featured a lively discussion as to the causes of this "problem", and even accusations from some that numbers were manipulated to make Utah look bad. Pamela Atkinson, who does great work as an advocate for the homeless in Utah unfortunately has divided her attention by also serving as head of the Utah Coalition Against Pornography. She is quoted as lamenting the fact that "People spending more time on the internet are realizing that this is something they can do in the privacy of their own rooms and their own homes."

The Supreme Court ruled, way back in 1967 that viewing pornography in the privacy of one's own home is not a crime. In 2003, the Court went a step closer and said that is not the government's business what sexual activity you may have in hour home, as long as there are no minors involved. So, it seems pretty settled that people who view adult videos in their own homes are not a "problem" at all. While it may be interesting that Utahns are no different than anybody else in this regard, it is hardly evidence that "the problem is really growing in Utah", as opined by Ms. Atkinson. If anything, this is a sign that Utahns are no longer afraid of free speech. If that is the case, this is certainly good news. Freedom breaks out wherever and whenever it is least expected. Hooray!
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