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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ronald Reagan's legacy

Today I read an article published in the Miami Herald, about the role of government, and quoting Ronald Reagan's first inaugural address. The article sums up my philosophy of government as well as anything I have seen. No, it isn't just about sex. It is about those who think it is their right to push "majoritarian" views of private personal conduct on us as "morality". This is one of the most dangerous things that government does; and it is why I choose to fight back and tell them to mind their own business. Hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Libertarian on What?

In answer to an "anonymous" question posted on my blog, I do not claim to be a pure Libertarian. I took the "world's smallest political quiz, and I come down near the line on "libertarian" and "liberal". But, that said, I definitely favor smaller government and lower taxes. In fact, one of my favorite expressions is: "what a waste of taxpayers' money"; and I have applied it to many situations.

On the other hand, I do not favor the "rightist" view" that government has little reason to exist. I think government must avoid oppressing its people; and that extends to much more than "porn, strippers" (which I characterize as "free speech") "and abortion" (which despite my personal distaste for the practice, I characterize as the "right of privacy"). Government must function within the limits thus set; but I do not spend a lot of effort claiming that the constitution does not allow taxes. It clearly does. We just want them as low as possible, and that requires us to sometimes say "no" to government offers of assistance (after all it is our money).

I do think the government can step in and stop its citizens from starving (though, if have charity, it should not be necessary), and the government MUST step in and fight air pollution and encourage energy conservation. I would not let my fear of government destroy the planet.


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