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Monday, March 29, 2010

Andrew for Governor

March 29, 2010

Well, I have filed my candidacy for Governor of Utah. It is not something I really wanted to do; but there needs to be a choice on the ballot this year, and in the future, and this candidacy gives us that. I have already been interviewed by a reporter for the Spectrum newspaper, who asked me the obvious question: what do I hope to accomplish as a "third party candidate?" I gave him the standard, and important, answer that "minor party" candidates are there to change the nature and tenor of the debate. Democrats are seen, whether justly or not, as the party of "big government", and higher taxes. Republicans, unfortunately, have become associated with the politics of fear. We Libertarians give a real choice. We are perhaps more conservative that Republicans on fiscal issues (we don't like taxes); and we are perhaps more liberal than Democrats on social issues. There are many who feel that they have to go along with things they really don't like in order to get what they do like. Democrats who feel that people should be allowed to live as they please (and even get married to whoever they please) have to live with high taxes and failed attempts to "stimulate" the economy. Republicans who feel that government is too big and too expensive, find that their party has become associated with the Karl Rove mentality -- "they will vote for us if they are scared enough".

Libertarians give the people a real choice. When we say that government is too big, we include opposition to programs designed to make us all march to the beat of the same drummer. We really are the consistent party of smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom.

Quite frankly, my party's survival in Utah depends on one of our candidates getting at least two percent of the statewide vote. That is one of the more important reasons why I am running. I do not expect to get elected; but I do expect to change the debate. And I intend to build on the steady growth experienced by our party during the two years I have been Chair. There is a reason we get new supporters every day -- we have a platform that many people find meets their needs. If you agree, join us in fighting for freedom.

For more information on the Libertarian Party in Utah, see our website at and my campaign website (still being built) is at

Saturday, March 13, 2010

More family values news from the legislature

March 13, 2010

I spent a couple of hours at the Utah Legislature on its last day, Thursday. I was attempting to convince them not to pass a new law aimed at making it nearly impossible to continue operating escort services in this State. These businesses, whatever you may think of them, are legal, licensed and closely regulated. In Salt Lake City, for instance, and agency must pay a license fee of $1000; and each escort must pay $750 per year. This fee includes a background check to make sure that people in the business do not have serious criminal records. As of today, an escort licensed in Salt Lake City may go to an appointment in Murray without obtaining a similar license, and another background check. Starting in May, the 16 entities in the Salt Lake Valley who require such licenses will be able to demand fees from everyone who does any business in their city. Obviously, this is done "for purposes of harassment", and will be nearly impossible to comply with. This bill was introduced by a Democrat, and passed with unanimous support of his party as well as most Republicans. Another example of protecting "family values" in our "pretty, great state". Needless to say, the big winner is likely to be me, who will have to fight this new law in court for the next couple of years, as I have been doing with the "sin tax" passed to harass my clients back in 2004. Oh well, another year in Utah.

And then, only a few hours later, came the bombshell. Yet another high ranking "family values" legislator, is in trouble for his private conduct. This time, Representative Garn, the House Majority leader, paid out $150,000 to a young girl with whom he had gone nude hot-tubbing, when he was at least 28 and she was only 15. No sex, but highly inappropriate. And now, a couple of days later he, following the lead of Senator Killpack (see my last blog entry in January), has resigned. And as with Senator Killpack, I view it with some mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is yet another example of Utah legislators telling us how to lead our lives, when they cannot manage their own. On the other hand, it was a long time ago, and he made reparations. Once again, I cannot help but wonder whether, now that his secret is known, he might have been counted on to be more compassionate to others who do not "march to the beat of the same drummer". We will never know, because now he is gone. No, I do not approve of what he did. The law presumes that a young person cannot reasonably make such decisions; and it is up to the more mature person to stop things before they get out of hand. Shame on him. But, hasn't he paid enough for something that happened so long ago?

Anyhow, this next week is the time for those who would like to run for public office this year to file with the County Clerk or the State Elections Office. We need more people to file for office as Libertarians, and to publicly announce that they will support more freedom for everyone. See our website at if you would like to help. Obviously, there is much to do.
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