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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Important Fight for Freedom

October 18, 2012 I left my office lat last night, but I am back at it early becuase I didn't sleep well. Too much on my mind. Yesterday I was in court in Ogden with my Democratic opponent. Dee Smith. Dee is a nice enough guy to talk to; but he is an outspoken advocate of the failed drug war, and thinks the solustion is just to get tougher, and put more people in jail. He strongly supports the death penalty, and his "gang injunction" makes it a crime for certan people to associate in public (but not in church). He is a prime example of the Utah Democratic Party's effort to move to the right in the "year of Mitt". This strategy will not work. The Democrats are setting themselves up to be clobbered; and it has deprived the people of Utah of a real choice. The last several weeks have shown what has happened to the Republican Party. It has become the captive of the religious Right to the point of craziness. The Repbulican candidate for Senate in Missouri says that abortions are unnecessary in the case of rape, because women just don't get pregnant "in the case of legitiomate rape." A Republican congressman from Georgia said that the scientifically proven fact of evolution is "lies from the pit of hell". A Republican candidate for the legislature in Arkansas says that slavwery was a good thing for black people, because it brought them to civilization. I know one thing for sure, as a lawyer who regulary practices in the Federal Courts: it will be a disater if Mitt Romney appoints Federal judges. No, I am not all that happy with the present president. In Utah, he allows Senator Hatch to appoint Federal judges. But I know that it will be worse with Mitt. Because I do not see a real choice for freedom with the two "major parties", I am running for Utah Attorney General on the Libertarian Party ticket. Our presidantial candidate, Gary Johnson, has been excluded from televised deabates; but he is the best man for the job. Here in Utah, there have been no publshed polls, as far as I can tell. There have, however, been two debates between my two opponents, both without invitations to me. Why am I axcluded? Is it because the polls (what polls?) show me as not being viable? Or is it because the media is just too lazy to do their job and report what is going on? Either way, I am working hard to be noticed. I could still use more help in the form of donations and time. I still have close to 300 yard signs to put up. Drop my my office at 6885 S. State St. in Midvale (upstairs) and get some. Then join me in the fight for a real choice. We have nothing to lose but our chains.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Send the Message. Let Freedom Ring. October 7, 2012 One month to go before the final election day. Several people who prefer to vote by mail tell me that their ballots have been received. There is still time, however, to register to vote. The deadline to do so is Tuesday in Utah; and it can now be done online through your county clerk or the State election office. There is no excuse not to vote, even though we can pretty much guess the results of major races in Utah. Last time I checked, I had a couple of thousand dollars in the bank, and my Democratic challenger had maybe $12,000 or so. I think the Republican had about $600,000. Not sure why he feels he needs that much; and of course those who donate it do not expect any favors or special considerations. Well, the system is what it is, and we will live with it. I actually have one particular donor who happens to make signs. Late Friday afternoon, I received 500 yard signs, more than I really know what do do with. I do hope that we will get them out wher people can see them, and increase my visibility substnatially. A major downside of running for office as a Libertarian is being unkown and largely invisible. Anyone who can help spread these signs around would be greatly appreciated, especially if you may be traveling form the Salt Lake area to other areas of the State in the near future. And, if you live far from Salt Lake and would be willing to receive and help distribute signs, please let me know. I saw a poll in the Provo Herald this morning that asked about feelings towards early voting. People were asked if they were concerned that they might learn something that could have changed their minds, after they had voted early. About 55% were sure there was nothing that could happen that would change their minds. Well, I guess I am one of those. But it is kinda sad to see so many who are so sure, at a time when I have not had a chance to get more widely known, and before I can explain why they should consider me. Smaller campaigns spread new ideas, and we will continue to do so until election day and beyond. I also saw an article in today's paper about the Salt Lake City police chief's apology to the 76 year old woman whose front door was hit by a battering ram, at night, when she was home alone, and who was held at gunpint while her house was searched. They broke into the wrong house. The Chief says he is sorry, and that there should have been safeguards to prevent this. The thing he did not say is that such raids by narcotics officers are unnecessary and dangerous. That comes after the horrific shootout in Ogden, and after a samll town police chief in New Hampshire was shot and killed in his last week before retirmement, on such raids. The sad fact that government will not admit to us, is that this kind of violence on the part of the police is NOT WIINNING THE WAR ON DRUGS. The war is being lost, and the answer is not more violence; it is to treat drugs as a social and medical problem, not a legal one. As we approach the election, we really do have an opporunity to register our frustration and disagreement. We do not need more state-sponsored violence. We do not need the State telling us what to do, how to think, and what kind of entertainment is OK for us to view. The Utah Democratic Party, in an effort bo become more relevant, has become even less so. Their major candidates this year are uniformly active LDS members, on the conservative edge of their party. In the "Year of Romney" this will not help them get more votes; and it deprives those who believe in a vibrant "two party sytem" of any real choice. Don't get me wrong, this is not an anti-LDS rant. this is being written as I listen to General Conference on the radio. I am a BYU graduate, though I no longer participate. There are major policy reasons for that, but suffice it to say, I do not want a government dominated by those who favor a fusion of church and state. I do not think that something should be illegal because it immoral. I have never had a cup of coffee; but I am not going to tell anyone lese that they cannot have one. This campaign is about freedom from government intrusion into our personal lives. I am running against two people who believe that the State should use whatever means to bring "safety', even at the expense of liberty. If you agree with me, there is still time to get involved and help me send the message. Please do.
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