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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My opponent and the press

September 24, 2008

Today I opened the Salt Lake City weekly newspaper in anticipation of seeing one of my ads there for my candidacy. And I did, but on the very next page was a very interesting article about the current Attorney General. I have never had cause to question his honesty, and I do not do so now; but one wonders how he can take $35,000 in contributions for his campaign from a firm that has a large no-bid contract with his office, and employs his daughter, without apparently even noticing that it looks and smells bad. We Libertarians do not get contributions like that; and obviously I have nothing to give in return. But the disparity in resources does seem slightly clearer to me now. Wow! So, in the unlikely event that I am elected Attorney General in six weeks, I hereby pledge that I will serve only one term, and get out. There will be no reelection campaign kitty to be fed by those who may THINK they might get a favor as a result; and there will be no questions like there are here. To see the article click here:

Today also there was a nice article about me in the Utah Daily Chronicle. It pointed out that I was not invited to the upcoming Hinckley Institute debate because of the perception that I am not a serious candiate. Hopefully, there will be opportunities to convince others that I am, especially in light of the Democratic candidate's weak showing in the polls. Please, if you like what I say, help me spread the word that I am running and that I have something to say that is worth listening to. That article can be seen here:


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