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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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August 19, 2008

I returned to Utah from vacation late last night, and found news and issues awaiting me. This morning's radio and newspapers report that the president of Westminster College in Salt Lake City has signed on to a letter circulating among college presidents encouraging states to lower their drinking age to 18. The higher age restriction, according to some, encourages binge drinking, and is widely violated. I have always thought this was a stupid law, designed by those who want to continue making decisions for other people as long as they can. I have wondered why younger voters do not rebel and throw those who want to run their lives out of office. I fully support the initiative of the college presidents, and urge younger voters to flex their muscles this year by voting Libertarian and demanding their equal rights as citizens.

The Deseret News also reports today an effort by Republicans in the legislature to stop citizens from making laws by initiative process, or from repealing bad laws by referendum. this is after the voters of this state overwhelmingly crushed a law on vouchers earlier this year. Some may remember the citizen initiative from several years ago which substantially restricted civil forfeitures of those accused (but not convicted) of certain crimes. After intense lobbying from the current Attorney General, the legislature overrode that initiative, and gave police back their right to take property which they claim was illegally gained or used. Now the legislature will likely act to atop voters from overruling them again. Once again, it is time for voters to rebel and to throw those who want to run their lives out of office. Help me send a message that you do not like state officials telling you what to do. Now, before it is too late.


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