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Thursday, July 03, 2008

My sixtieth -- Help get me started

July 3, 2008 -- Well, I have spent the last 8 years celebrating my birthday on the same day as the President -- I am two years younger; and this will be the last time (thank goodness). I turn 60 on Sunday. Help me celebrate by sending a small contribution to my campaign. See my website at and use PayPal. It is really easy, and even five or ten dollars will help. It would be a wonderful birthday present to see a surge in online contributions. Do it now.

And it is time to get to work on many projects to help out. If you will just make a habit of reading this blog, and forwarding it to one or two friends, that would be a help. We got a shipment in of yard signs this week. Drop by my office and take a few for your yard, and a few other strategic places. And, if you live outside the Wasatch front, I need a few people to take some and help me distribute them in other areas of the state. I have people in St. George and in Moab who have agreed to distribute them; but I need somebody to take them to these places, so they can.

Please join my MySpace group and ask your other Utah friends to add me as well. See my MySpace address at the top of my blog. And get some voter registration forms. They can be obtained from your county clerk, from me, or they can be downloaded and printed out from my website, or your county clerk's site. Then get some friends to register to vote. We know the Republicans vote. It is our patriotic duty to vote also.

Also, see my campaign store on my website, and buy something with my logo on it. I have one cute female friend who did so, and already has signed up several new voters and spread my name to many others who do not know me, just by wearing it. And if you are willing, send me a photo of yourself wearing it for my photo section.

Yes, we need money to be heard; and I need to get 5% in a poll in order to get invited to the televised debates. But there are many things you can do that do not cost money. If you agree with me on the need to offer a real alternative, find something to do and start doing it.


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