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Friday, May 23, 2008

Libertarian NationalConvention

May 23, 2008

I am sitting at the Libertarian National Convention, listening to the debate on bylaws. I will file a couple more blolgs overt the naest few days, so stay tuned in. I did want to briefly comment on the decision of the Texas Court of Appeals overruling the courts who took control over the hundreds of children of the FLDS Church. Today the Texas child welfare authorities will appeal to the Texas Supreme Court. This really needs to stop. It would seem to be obvious that the State of Texas went way overboard in its reaction to a hoax call about abuse. While our present attorney general says that would not happen in Utah, he seems to support the general idea of the raid on the ranch. And his Democratic opponent says his own efforts to fight polygamy in Utah are not enough.

The simple fact is that, in Utah as well as Texas, the state interferes with parental rights too often, to fast and too hard. While everyone wants to protect helpless children from harm, State interference with families has grown exponentially in my lifetime. It really is time that we step back and find ways to help families who need help without the use of force on the part of the State in so mahny situations. More on this in the context of Texas, and in the context of our own State actions, soon.


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