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Saturday, April 26, 2008

campaign contributions

April 26, 2008

Today's Salt Lake Tribune reported that last year our current Attorney General received $1.4 MILLION in campaign contributions. He has so much money, that the Tribune reported earlier this week that his campaign committee was the single largest contributor to the campaign of Senator Curtis Bramble, who today avoided a Republican Primary by obtaining 67% of the vote at the Utah County Republican Convention. Much of this came from corporations; and several of them did not report those contributions, as required by law. Who enforces this law? The Attorney General, of course; but does he? Not so far. He and the Lt. Governor's election office each seem to be saying it is the other guy's problem. Wow, and with that kind of money the Democratic candidate thinks she has a chance? Why not support real change, and at least make some waves?

So, here is what you do: You too can avoid campaign reporting of any kind by writing me a check of up to $50 today. (Any more, and I will have to report it, though you will not -- unless you are a big corporation). See my website at for instructions. And then get a friend or two to do the same. Can I match the stacks of money given to the current Attorney General? Of course not, but we can yet put a little spark into this campaign. Right now it looks like the Republican steamroller is out to flatten everyone. Want to put a monkey wrench into the gears? You can; and it is easy and cheap.


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