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Saturday, April 19, 2008

What a day!

April 19, 2008

Today the Utah Libertarian Party held its convention to choose both candiates for public office , and also party officers. Yes, I was nominated to run for Attorney Gnereral, so now it is official. I will do my best to change the tone of the debate, and to give the electorate a real choice between pholosophies of government. While the other two candidates will disagree about policies, and will tout their abilitites to efficiently run a large "law firm", doing the State's legal business, they will agree on most things. They will agree that the State should spend your money trying to increase the already bulging jail and prison populations. They will not acknowledge that we hold too many prisoners; and the financial and social costs are just too high. They may have some slight differences on their approach to "protecting children"; but they will both tell you that the kind of mass interference with families recently seen in Texas is probably necessary, and in the "best interests" of the children. They will tell you that the State must tolerate law enforcement officers who stretch thier authority to "get the bad guys"; they will tell you that the State has a legitimate interest in helping you decide for yourself what you can read and view in the privacy of your own home; and they will tell you that if the govenment "sneaks and peaks" into people's homes, they are only doing it to protect you and me from those same bad guys, who are just about everywhere.

Thankfully, there is another point of view -- that we can be both safe and free; and that we can reduce the terrible costs of law enforcement without sacrificing public safety. Please consider helping me spread this message.

Oh, and one additional thing. I was also elected State Chair of the Libertarian Party today, for the next year. Mostly, I think, because nobody else wanted it. And yes, "Super Dell" Schanze is our candidate for governor. Give him a chance, he grows on you. And watch for an exciting Libertarian candidate for President as well. More on that soon.

Please see my werbsite at to help out my campaign.
Please see the party website (soon to be revamped and made easier to use) at


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