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Saturday, April 12, 2008

More on polygamy controversy

April 12, 2008 -- Since my last blog entry only four days ago, the ongoing controversy over the raids on the Texas ranch owned by the FLDS Church has spilled over into Utah politics. The Deseret Morning News reported on April 10 that the current Utah Attorney General had obtained 80 search warrants in 2006 to search for DNA evidence of incest in the Kingston group of polygamists, but backed off long enough so those who were at risk disappeared.

The Salt Lake Tribune today reported on a debate yesterday between Congressman Cannon and his Republican opponents, in which polygamy was discussed. While Cannon is concerned that Texas authorities went too far in their recent raids, by taking into custody over 400 children, (duh!), his main opponent, David Leavitt says that polygamists must be diligently prosecuted. He is the one who, as Juab County Attorney, prosecuted Tom Green, and put him in prison for having several wives. He was promptly defeated for reelection. Rather than hearing the message, he is now bringing his crusade to the congressional race. He says this must be done to defend the institution of marriage against those who would use any leniency to promote gay marriage. Well, if there is any doubt that there is a strong current in Utah for instituting a theocracy, this should help erode that doubt. Our current Attorney General actually received an award from the Equality Utah political action committee for bucking his party's anti-gay bias, and defending the basic dignity of gay people. But, he only stands out as a moderate within his very socially conservative party, and is still socially to the right of those who think the government has no business in our bedrooms.

The Tribune story on the congressional debate reminds us that there are very strong oppressive forces in the majority party, bent on eliminating any signs of tolerance of those who don't quite fit into with the "family values" movement. Once again, those of us who insist on the right to live our lives as we choose, are under seige. If you haven't yet decided to make your own voice be heard, the time is running out. This election year gives us a great chance to be heard. If you wait until after the election, it will be too late.


  • At 12:55 PM, Blogger Frank Staheli said…

    I wasn't sure I'd ever find someone who ran against Chris Cannon that I would be less likely to vote for than Cannon, but now I've found one--David Leavitt!!



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