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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Left out again?

August 23, 2008

A supporter sent a calendar item from the Utah Policy website announcing a debate at the Hinckley Institute at the University of Utah on September 30, for the Attorney General candidates. Unfortunately, my name was not included. This is not unusual, and if asked, the sponsoring organization will usually say something like "we only want the candidates with a realistic chance to win". Well, the initial polls in this race show the Democrat candidate, Jean Welch Hill, with almost no chance at winning. So, why not just acknowledge that, and only invite the current Attorney General to tell why is so loved and admired? On the other hand, if the Hinkley Institute wants to air the issues and examine all valid points of view, they should invite me. I am a breath of fresh air, and will change the nature of the debate. Rather than just arguing over who can be "tougher on crime", we would examine the issue of whether the drug war, which puts thousands of young people in prison every year, is a total catastrophe, and should be ended. Crime rates would plummet immediately, and society would be safer. But, for now, such a point of view will not be heard.

If you agree that the debate needs all points of view, contact the Hinckley Institute right now and ask them to include me in their debate. And then, send a contribution, get a lawn sign, put on a bumper sticker, or simply forward this to your Utah friends and ask them to do the same. <>


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