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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Thanks to my friends and supporters

September 28, 2008

On Friday night we had a rousing and raucous fund raising party hosted by my wonderful friends, the Voodoo Darlings, and their band, Voodoo Box. thanks to them and all those who showed up or donated. And for those who didn't make it (several people said they would be there and did not come), you can still get involved right now by making a small donation to the campaign. I have a PayPal account on my website at and it takes only a minute or so to do it.

If you are wondering if it will do any good, let me report that I have a TV commercial coming out nest week, which will be shown on at least one or two local stations as well as YouTube. We will be doing some radio advertising, and internet as well. We have already started ads in three print publications; and you can see a recent comment on this blog by someone who responded to one of those ads. We ARE going to be heard; and your donation can help. TV and radio spots start in the area of $10. Can you afford to sponsor a spot or two?

More soon about some other wonderful people who have helped make a difference. Keep it up guys, we are beginning to scare them!


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