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Friday, October 03, 2008

Rolling along as election time nears

October 3, 2008

I just watched the introduction to KUED's Attorney General debate this evening, and it started out with two untruths. That was enough for me, and I decided my time was better spent here. The first untruth was that the debate was going to feature the "two major candidates for Utah Attorney General". I don't know how they measure that, but my Democratic opponent polls at 16%, and that has to be a stretch to call her "major". The second untruth was that the AG race this year has been "one of the most lively" of the election year. How they could say that about a race where I am not heard and where Ms. Hill has almost no presence despite her "major party" status, I do not know. If there is anything lively about the race, it is my presence, and it will get more lively with your help.

While up on campus at the University earlier this week, we had some contacts with KUED, and tried without success to get them to include me in their debate. So, I have purchased an ad in the Daily Chronicle for next Tuesday to protest my exclusion from three separate debates sponsored by parts of the tax supported university. I should not have to pay to be heard, but I am willing to do so, in order to let the public know I am running. It is too late to change any minds at the university about including me, but there is much you can do to help with very little effort or expense. Read through some of my recent blogs, and you will come up with some ideas. Signs, bumper stickers and flyers are available in many places around the State, and the flyer is now online at my website at to be printed out and spread around.

Also, this week we have added to our YouTube presence with my 8 minute speech to this summer's hemp rally at the State Capitol. This video needs to be spread around. Please view it and find someone in Utah to send it to.
It is actually pretty good, I think.

Next week we will have our TV ad out. There will be a 30 second version to be used on actual broadcast television, and a longer version for YouTube. This medium works only when people watch and then ask others to watch. Very little time, and no money to do this, so please do it today.

Keep tuned in. I have money to spend, though I still need you to donate. It is very quick and easy at my website. I will be popping up all over the place. This week I have also starrted advertising in the online edition of Salt Lake's two major newspapers. Tell your friends, the revolution is here.


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