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Monday, October 20, 2008

Ogden Standard Examiner

October 20, 2008

I am taking the unusual step here of linking to Saturday's Ogden Standard Examiner editorial endorsement of Jean Welch Hill for Utah Attorney General. I think it is an interesting and informative article, written after the full editorial board spent a half hour with each of the three candidates, and taped the interviews for their website. Perhaps most people do not have an hour and a half to invest in watching all three interviews; but they are attached to the editorial, for your information.

At first glance, the brief mention of me in the editorial might seem dismissive: "Libertarian Andrew McCullough is a candid man and we appreciate his blunt talk, but many of his ideas are not in the mainstream." Of course, they are right. That is the function of a "third party" candidate: to move the mainstream in a new direction. As I said in my comment on their website, I am looking for voters who "are tired of the failed policies of the mainstream, such as the hopeless 'war on drugs'". At least these voters now know they have a real choice.

Frankly, if I am to pull an upset and beat Mr. Shurtleff, I need Ms. Welch Hill to do better than early poll numbers suggest she is doing. When I went into the interview at the Standard Examiner, I told them that they would not find it possible to endorse me, as their readers would think they had become too radical. I didn't go there with the hope of an endorsement, just the hope of being heard. And I am being heard. If you want to be heard, join me in my campaign to "move the mainstream in a new direction", and to change the failed policies of the present. Ms. Welch Hill is not an agent of real change, and real change is what the nation is seeking. If you are tired of fearing your government, this is your big chance to make that change. If you wait until November 5 to do something, it will be too late.

Today I had my first joint appearance with Ms. Welch Hill, on KTKK radio. Mr. Shurtleff was invited, but declined. He believes he is so far ahead that he does not have to debate his opponents. Tomorrow, at 9:00 AM I will again be featured for an hour on KTKK radio, this time by myself. Tell your friends.


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