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Thursday, October 30, 2008

News on the campaign trail

October 30, 2008

Today has been interesting and busy. This morning the Salt Lake Tribune released a new poll in which I remained at 4% support. With all I have been doing, that number is disappointing. Ms. Hill, the Democrat, however, is at 20%, and improvement, but not a great one. And Mr. Shurtleff continues to decrease in support, despite his huge financial advantage. There is a large percentage of "undecideds", of 17%, and lots of opportunities to increase my share. Mr. Shurtleff assays it must be people who don't know what the office does. I rather think it is people who are not satisfied with the choices they have. Perhaps many of them don't know that a real choice for real change is available. I will work right up to the last minute to get the maximum Libertarian vote, and to make a showing that will remind people that we really do have something to say. I urge you to do what you can to help.

Today also, I talked with Doug Wright on his KSL talk show, The subject was our candidate for Governor, "Superdell" Schanze. He wanted to know how even 2% of the electorate could support that nut. I told him that the more I see, the more I think Dell is not as crazy as he seems. He was on the cover of the latest Salt Lake Weekly, and he got a whole hour of air time on KSL today. I'm lucky to be mentioned at all, even though I have run an active campaign and spent over $10,000. It seems that the way to get noticed is to act crazy; and now we have to wonder who really is crazy. Well, if he gets two percent, he will keep us on the ballot, no matter how I do. But, of course, I would like to outpoll him and all other "third party" candidates to show that someone who works at it and has a good platform really can get votes.

Today I received a "robo-call" from Mr. Shutleff's campaign, asking me to "push one" if I wanted to pledge my vote to him. Well, at least you can all be glad that I am not using such an obnoxious method to get votes. But, there are still people who do not know who I am. Tell somebody today, and ask for their support.


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