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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Need your help!

October 23, 2008

This morning I got a call from a gentleman in Sanpete County who is still trying to make up his mind on who to vote for. He was looking at the various candidate websites, and saw that the current Attorney General is scheduled to be in a KSL debate tomorrow. He called to ask if I had also been invited. Since I had not, my campaign secretary sent out an e-mail asking why. I later received a telephone call from KSL saying that their latest Dan Jones tracking poll had me still below their threshold for an invitation. She gave no details of the poll, but said there would be one more poll coming before the election. Also, she said, the fact that I have run before and did not get enough votes to qualify also was figured in.

I have been working quite hard on this campaign, and have spent quite a bit of money on it as well. I was hoping to see more evidence of traction. Hopefully I still will; and I am getting a steady stream of messages from people who say they have already voted for me.

Anyway, there is still time to do more. Please, if you have not yet done any of these things, pick one out and do it today.

I would like to place a few more ads. If you can spare a small contribution, please get on my website at and make that contribution right away -- preferably by Pay Pal, so I can use it immediately.

Come by my office and get signs, bumper stickers, and literature, and help me become more visible. Or, simply call or e-mail some friends and ask them to vote for me and then ask their friends to do the same. Send out some of my blog entries to friends, and ask them to read them or watch my videos, and send them on also. There are many people out there who would vote for me if they knew what I stand for, but still don't. We have 11 days to tell them. Please help me do this. You are protecting your freedom, and that is important enough to put some effort into it.

"The stakes are too high to stay at home."


  • At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Ben Blanchard said…

    I called KSL after I talked to you and expressed my disappointment that a candidate can be "legitimate" enough to appear on a ballot, but not on their local news program. I shared with them your valid argument that you had 4% of the electorate in the last poll months ago, and there are not many polls out there. With so few polls, that should not be the main factor in deciding "legitimate" candidates for a debate. They weren't swayed, but you have my vote! Good luck!
    -Sanpete Gentleman


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