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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ups and downs on the road to freedom

September 24, 2011

I just attended (but felt to old to fully participate) Utah's "undie's run". Hundreds of people in their underwear gathered at Gallivan Center and then either walked or ran up State St. to the Capitol. I thought it was just too much of a hill, and now I wish I had gone up. Some were real athletes who ran hard the whole way. Most ran and walked at their own pace. The police closed State St., and it was quite a festive occasion. There was to be an "after party" at the Gallivan Center with music and beer after, but I left. Very impressive event, and many wrote messages of freedom on their bodies, protesting Utah's liquor laws, advocating legalization of mj and gay marriage, etc. It occurred to me that this is my constituency, and that I should have done something to let them know who I am and what I stand for. They should all vote for me in my next run for Attorney General (if I do it). I have to work on getting that message out. Anyway, I left feeling quite good about freedom in general. And the funny thing is that tonight was also the LDS Church Women's conference. TRAX was full of well dressed women on their way to conference. I can't help but chuckle about the two groups running into each other on the way home.

Last week I went to Las Vegas for a convention. I have always been able to avoid those new scanners at the airport until now. I was scanned going both ways. The scanners have been modified to eliminate the explicit nature of the images. But, on the way down, a single dime in my pocket triggered an extra pat down. On the way back, I was very careful not have ANYTHING in my pockets, and the machine found nothing. Nevertheless, I still got the pat down. This time he took my wallet and leafed through it. I assume that was a result of the raised middle finger during the entire process. To their credit, they were polite enough, even wishing me a nice flight. But the combination of that damned machine, the extra patdown, and the wallet thing made me feel quite violated. It is my understanding that Congress is in the process of defunding the machines. It will not be soon enough for me. No, I do NOT feel safer. I only feel harassed. And I do not like it. Thanks again to Congressman Chaffetz for his untiring efforts to do away with this.

And finally, I need to mention the sadness of the execution this week of Troy Davis, in Georgia. I don't know whether he killed that police officer. And I don't think the State of Georgia knows either. There have been so many mistakes, that unless we really are sure, this final solution should NOT be used. Please read my previous blog (Innocent Man Part 2) about our successful efforts to exonerate a man who spent over 4 years in prison for a cirme he did not commit. And I also recommend that you read John Grisham's recent and disturbing novel, "The Confession", about efforts to save an innocent man from execution. Last week, during a debate, Governor Perry of Texas boasted about the number of execution in his State during his watch. What a horror, if we elect this man President.

I am working on putting together a campaign for Attorney General (again) because somebody does need to keep saying what needs to be said about freedom. And enither of the two "major party" candidates will do so. Please help me with this effort. Register to vote, tell your friend, and consier a small contribution. There is so much that needs to be done to advance the cause of freedom.


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