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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thoughts on Freedom

October 13, 2010

Well, I am still bitterly disappointed over the refusals of the U.S. Supreme Court to consider my appeal from the decision of the Utah Supreme Court that the State may tax nude dancing and give use proceeds to help with therapy for sex offenders. That, of course, implies that there is some link between nude dancing and sex offenses, which is pure balderdash. The tax will never bring in enough money to justify collecting it. It is just another way that the sanctimonious "family values" crowd gets to go on the record in support of their morality -- those who have not resigned from the legislature for DUI or child molesting incidents. Perhaps they have snuck off to the strip clubs once too often? Well, that fight goes on, with other cases pending in Texas and Nevada; and one day they will be overturned. I just so wanted to be the guy who did it. The fight for freedom, however goes on. I have several other cases pending in which the limits of the State's power to enforce "majoritarian moral values" is at issue. We will get them next time.

I rarely get to just sit down and watch a movie. Too many other things to do. Last night, however, I managed to do that, and it was thought-provoking. The movie was "Pirate Radio", about the pirate stations that popped up on ships off the British coast in the 60's when the only radio available was BBC. BBC played very little of the new British rock music, so people found ways to play it elsewhere. The government responded with force to eliminate the "filth"; and eventually closed them down. They won the battle and lost the war, as now there are plenty of alternative stations in Britain. And Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger and Elton John have been awarded knighthoods. We too will prevail in the long run against people like Mike Lee and others, who would turn the clock back to the 1700's.

Join the fight now. Only three weeks until the election. I am running a very successful Facebook ad campaign; but I need a few more $10 and $20 contributions to run it through election day. See my website at and look for the contributions button. We also need people to hang door hangers, put out signs, and to just tell their friends (personally and through FB and MySpace). Join my FB group, Andy for Utah Governor. And let's stick it to the Man!


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