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Friday, August 20, 2010

"Mainstream Media"

August 20, 2010

This morning I read the column in the Salt Lake Tribune written by Paul Rolly, in which he chided KTKK radio for being "right wing" and not willing to admit it. Here is a link to his comments:

I sent him an e-mail reply, to which I have as yet received no response. If I do, I will post it here as well. Here is my e-mail to Paul:

"Paul -- I am Libertarian Party Chair in Utah, and candidate for Governor (not a widely known fact). While many Libertarians can be classified as "right wing", I am clearly on the party's left wing (pro gay marriage, open borders; anti drug war and censorship). I previously ran for Attorney General as well. This station has invited me in a number of times to talk about my views, as recently as a few weeks ago. They are the one media outlet we Libertarians can count on to notice we are here."

Not fully in the mainstream? The "mainstream press" ignores those who do not march in lockstep; and I am glad there is a media outlet that does not. Did you know I was running? If so, you did not get the information from the Trib.

Thanks to KTKK for making their station available to those not in "the mainstream", whether "right wing" or not. And shame on the "mainstream media" for not venturing outside of their own viewpoints.


  • At 3:49 AM, Blogger RD said…

    Be aware that Fox news is owned by a foreign national (Rupert Murdock is an Australian citizen) and its Second largest shareholder is a Saudi Arabian Sheik.


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