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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A real alternative

October 24, 2010

I have been working hard over the least several weeks trying to get my name out to those who have yet to hear of me. The people who I talk to are receptive, at least partially, because both of the "major party" candidates have high "negatives". People would like there to be another alternative, and there is. Yay. If you are interested enough to be reading this before the election, help me get my name out to others. Pass this on to a friend, post something on your Facebook page, just bring it up in conversation. I still have some yard signs that need to be put out as well. Help me beat the "news blackout" on my candidacy.

We Libertarians want government to be smaller, less expensive, and more respectful of individual rights and freedoms. And we are not afraid to say things that the
major party" candidates would never dare say. I say "end the war on marijuana users." While that may seem pretty far out in Utah, it is likely that this will be passed by the voters of California next week. It IS coming, and we might as well jump on the bandwagon while we can. Real equality for gays and lesbians is also coming, no matter how hard "they" try and stop it. So, why are "major party" candidates so afraid? Nobody wants to be out in front, and make people angry. Well, that is what "third parties" are for. It is our job to say things that need to be said, and to help the changes come.

If you are not fully satisfied with either of the two "major party" candidates, why not join us in our efforts to bring change. And, frankly even if you would be happy with Peter Corroon as Governor, you must know by now that he will not win. So a vote for him really is "wasted", while vote for me is a vote to change the debate, to accelerate change, and to send a message to the "major parties" to stop dragging their feet.

Polls all over the country show deep disappointment that the Obama administration did not make the kinds of changes that people expected. And there is no doubt that the government is spending money "like a drunken sailor" (although a drunken sailor spends his own money, not that of others). Think the only alternative is to go back to the Republicans you helped vote out of power only two years ago? Ridiculous! Try something new. Vote Libertarian.

Libertarians started the "tea party movement", as a tax protest. Right wing religious Republicans took it over and used it to bash gays, immigrants, those who do not espouse their religious beliefs, and anyone "different" from them. If you don't like taxes, I am your candidate. If you don't like gays, immigrants, and those who do not agree with your religious beliefs, well, vote Republican.


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