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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The big day is here

October 31, 2010

No, I'm not speaking of Halloween. Because of campaigning, did not have a chance to party this year. I am running for Utah Governor to put forth new ideas on freedom, to give voters a real alternative from the two "major party" candidates, and to keep my party growing. If any of those things are of interest to you, help me by voting for me, and tell a friend. The polls show an easy victory for Herbert; but there is no doubt that many people are not satisfied with those who choices. Some wish that Corroon had campaigned differently and had put up a stronger fight. But he didn't, and he will not win. (Sorry, Missy). If you really would like to see a more free society, vote for me and help us to build a real alternative party. Voting Democratic for Governor will not help anyone (though some of their other candidates may well win and make some changes). Our party is running candidates for Davis County and Utah County Attorneys. There are no Democrats in these races; and these Republicans are used to running unopposed. We give you a real choice. Our candidates can be expected to prosecute hard those who commit violent crimes. But they will be less inclined to prosecute "victimless" crimes. We are not the morality police. The expense of trying to be that is something the taxpayers cannot afford; and it is time that somebody said so out loud.

I have said several times recently that Libertarians are the Tea Party without the intolerance. Well, the New York Times this week quotes a tea party leader in Indiana as saying that those who claim that there is global warming are stating "a flat-out lie." As evidence of that, he relies on Rush Limbaugh and the Bible. "I read my Bible. He made the earth for ust to utilize". (NY Times, 10/20/10; "Climate Change Doubt is Tea Party Article of Faith") Some Libertarians also doubt the claims of global warming,and we are likely to disagree with Democrats on what to do about it. I would hope that we do not resort to arguments such as this to support our position. Being a Libertarian does not conflict with common sense; and what we are saying adds substantially to the debate.

There has been an almost total news blackout on Libertarian campaigns this year (though I would like to publicly thank the St. George Spectrum, Salt Lake Weekly and Q Salt Lake publications; KVNU, KRCL and KTKK radio; and Ethan Millard on KSL radio Nightside Project for letting me get in an occasional word. Join us in protesting our media treatment by the simple act of voting Libertarian. If we grow enough, they will have to talk to us. And that starts on Tuesday.

All Libertarians in the Salt Lake area are invited to our election night party at Brewvies on the corner of 300 West and 700 South, starting at 7 PM. Vote first; and bring your laptops if you want to watch the returns with us.

Vote Libertarian for real freedom; and tell a friend. The revolution is now; and you have nothing to lose but your chains.


  • At 1:49 PM, Blogger RD said…

    I have said several times recently that Libertarians are the Tea Party without the intolerance.

    Not true, Libertarians are the Tea party without the intolerance and the endless millions provided by anti-tax billionaires and the media platform provided by fox news.

    The "Tea party" as we know it now only exists because their are a short list of people willing to through huge amounts of money at it. As soon as they have their way the money for the "Tea party" as we know it will disappear along with their media platform via fox news.

    And just like the 1994 contract with America, the Tea party will no longer be useful so in fact it will be rebuffed by the very money it currently enjoys.


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