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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Protest this week

October 23, 2007

For those few who read this blog regularly, sorry I have not been here in a while. Life has been hectic, as always. A few things to catch up.

The President announced yesterday that he wants Congress to give him another $46,000,000,000(!) for his wars! There will be a big anti-war protest this Saturday, October 27, starting at 11:oo AM and going to 3:00, here in Salt Lake City. It is part of a wider protest activity to occur in several cities around the country. This will be the last big anti-war speech from our Mayor, and it should be quite a day. For more information, see for local events, and follow the links for other cities. I hope to see you and all your friends out for the party. I think it starts at the State Capitol and moves the City Hall around 1:00 PM.

So, what is a Libertarian, who is running for Utah Attorney General doing at an anti-war rally? Well, the sad fact is that our government has used this war as an excuse to attack some of our most fundamental freedoms and civil liberties. They want to spy on us without judicial oversight. They want to suppress dissent, and to suggest that those who disagree are unpatriotic. This is not the Country I want to live in; and I want to make my voice heard that the government will NOT use this war to cut back on the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments; and we WILL be heard. Some of my best friends, people who genreally support free speech, keep telling me that the Presaident is doing what he must do, and that he needs our support. This is just nuts! What the President and his supporters (including our present Utah Attorney General) need is a healthy dose of reality -- that this has to stop. Help us send the message!

This is also my last call for Libertarian Petitions for our effort to get the Party back on the Utah ballot for next year. We intend to gather up what we have and submit them at the end of the month. Please, if you haven't signed one, print one out on my website, and send it to me ASAP. Or come out on Saturday and sign it there. Or if you have one half-filled out, send it to me right away. This is urgent. we MUST get back on the ballot in order for me to do my thing next year (just one more time). Help me out, please.

This is the time to "stick it to the man". Let me close with some words from a song by Chuck Brodsky ( :

"These are dangerous times
You might be overheard
Using one of whatever they've defined
As being a dangerous word
What if they don't like your songs?
What if they don't like your books?
What if you fit a profile
Based solely on your looks?"

Frightened yet?


  • At 8:00 AM, Blogger Voice of Utah said…

    Sorry--been to all the others, but I can't take one more Rocky speech. If it's like the last one, he'll spend some time on the war, and then veer off into whatever other political topic he feels like injecting into the process.


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