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Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Well, I don't share much with our nation's President, but we do have the same birthday today, July 6 (I am two years younger). May he live a long and useful life as a private citizen; but I am happy to note that someone with whom I do not share a birthday will be in the White House in less than two years. Whew!

In honor of "our" birthday, just a reminder of a couple of recent news items. The President says that there is danger in allowing people in from Canada without proper papers, so he decreed that we must all have passports to travel back from there. But nobody told the passport service, or prepared them to process the additional millions of applications that this would bring. so, the government recently announced that "we didnt' know so many people would comply with the law" (duh!), and they postponed implimentation because the system has broken down under the load.

The President says he has "no quarrel" with the jury verdict which convicted one of his minions of obstructing justice; but the 3 year sentence is two severe, so he has eliminated it. Well, Mr. President, when did you notice that our Federal sentencing statutes are unfair, oppressive, and overly severe? Just last week? Some of us have known that for years; and yet your justice department regularly asks for the most severe punishments they can get. And we taxpayers pay the huge cost of imprisoning the largest percentage of our population in the western world.

So, Mr. President, have a happy birthday, and make some plans to do something useful in a couple of years!


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