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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

War on drugs (again)

Today I went to lunch at a fast food place. A cute young lady sat down at the next table, pulled out her cell phone, and made a couple of calls which sure sounded like a drug deal to me. I wondered if she knew I could hear her; and whether she even considered that I could easily be a police officer. I pondered warning her against such activity, but did nothing, as she shortly was joined by friends, and the circumstances were just not right.

I imgine the young lady really doesn't even understand that what she did might get her a felony conviction. Probably never occurred to her. Most young people don't really understand the "war on drugs" and the determination of the government to turn a whole generation into criminals. Sadder still, she is probably totally uninvolved in the political process. She likely is not registered to vote; and it also has never occurred to her that she should be out working for change, if she does not like the current rules. She probably has never heard of the ACLU, the MPP or the Libertarian Party. (Haven't either? Look them up!)

We are struggling to get enough signatures to get our party back on the ballot in Utah for next year's election. And the party's natural consitutency -- those who do not like the current rules made by the "major parties" -- react with blank stares to the suggestion that they should be involved in making changes to the system. Please consider passing this on to someone you know who fits this discription, and ask them to think about protecting their own right to be free.

On a brighter note, I received an e-mail this past week from a former dancer and client, who I have not heard from in several years. She told me that she admires what I do, and that she is STILL an ACLU member! Yay! Once in a while, some good news.

Have a great day, and get a friend to sign our Libertarian Party Petition, available on my site under "organizing petition".


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