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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Grand Old Pirates?

It has been an eventful week for those interested in the next election for Attorney General next year. First, the current Attorney General's campaign announced an upcoming fundraising event with a theme based on the current series of Pirate movies. Captain "Black Mark" Shurtleff was to conduct a "wench auction". I was looking forward to seeing how that would work. After Paul Rolly made fun of this on his blog, the event was called off; and it will be rescheduled in a different format later. What a shame! The sight of Republicans looking dumb and insensitive for me to poke fun at was sure enticing. Oh well, they will be up to something else soon. They are still attempting, of course, to "pirate" our individual rights, so at least they got that part of the time correct.

Then, on Thursday, "Black Mark" (I really like that nickname)went to Provo to lend his moral support to the vice President, who spoke at BYU's commencement. During his talk to a small pro-Cheney rally, he allegedly (according to the Salt Lake Tribune) compared Mayor Rocky Anderson of Salt Lake city, and (the devout Mormon) Senator Harry Reid to Tokyo Rose, the famous traitor who broadcast anti-American propaganda during the Second World War. He referred to Mayor Anderson as "Iraqi Rocky" and Senator Reid as "Hezbollah Harry", simply because they have criticized the invasion of Iraq.

We all know now that the invasion of Iraq was based on lies, thought there is still some dispute as to was doing the lying and why. a recent Utah poll showed that, for the first time, a majority of Utahans oppose the Iraq war effort. It is true that nobody really has the perfect solution to extricating us from this terrible mess; but there would be no doubt that a grave mistake was made in getting us into the mess. Opposing those who did this to our country should not be ridiculed like "Black Mark" did in his speech. It really is time to stand up to those who have used the "war on terrorism" as they have previously used the "war on Communism" and the "war on drugs"to take away our rights to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. And now even our right to free speech and our right to petition the government for a redress of grievances are under attack. It is so easy (and so outrageous) to claim that those who oppose the current government policy are aiding the enemy. More accurately, it is time to quote the old Pogo comic character who states: "We have met the enemy and it is us."

Ok people. MANY friends and associates have encouraged me to stay involved in the fight for freedom and to continue my campaign to oust our current Attorney General. Now is the time to give your support. Make a contribution. Get some Libertarian Party petitions signed. Spread the word to your friends that it is time to fight back.

Speaking of petitions. If you have been working on one, please get it back to me right away. If you have not, go to my Home page, print one out, and get it filled with signatures. We need to get the Libertarian Party back on the ballot right away; and we need your help.


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