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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Let them talk!

As a champion of free speech, I am glad to hear that Senator Reid has told the Republicans who oppose his efforts to mandate a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, that they can talk all night if they want. Tonight the Senate will be in session all night to let them have their say. And those of us who think the Iraq war was a terrible mistake, and who want to end that mistake now, will gather outside the Federal building in Salt Lake City tonight to have our say as well.

Come on down to 125 S. State St. in Salt Lake at 5:00 PM, for an hour or so, and let the Senators know where you stand. And for those who don't live in Utah, check for other places to gather. In Utah, it will a fun chance to gather with fellow "nutcakes" and enjoy the beautiful weather (a bit cooler today, thank goodness).

See you there. And, yes, I will bring petitions to sign to put the Libertarian Party back on the Utah ballot.


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