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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another word about petitions

For those who are tired of this subject, help us get the few hundred signatures we need over the next couple of months, and you will never hear about it again.

Several people have asked about the language of the petitions which seems to commit the signer to become a party member. There is no such commitment. If you sign, we will not contact you further, as a result of the signature; and the state will not consider you a party member. We got the signatures of a number of members of the Young Democrat Club in Salt Lake City; and I assure you they are still Democrats. (Thanks, guys!) If you want to be a Republican so you can vote for Ron Paul in the upcoming Republican Primary, feel free to do so. Some people will register as Republicans simply to vote for him, but do not really want to become Republicans; and some will switch registrations again as soon as the primary is over. The law allows that, as it also allows people to be Libertarians only for so long as it takes to sign the petition. I intend to vote in the Democratic Primary, simply because they will allow me to do so and not register as a Democrat. Will that make me a Democrat? Only for the time it takes to vote in the primary.

Membership in the Libertarian Party is by payment of dues and/or signing of our party pledge. You can find out more at But this is not a request to join our party, just to help us get on the ballot, so we will all have a choice. And I will likely run forUtah Attorney General and give voters a very real choice between those who want to put everyone in jail, and those who believe in personal freedom. The effort required to sign this petition is so small; and NO commitment beyond that is required. So, do it now! Scroll down to previous blog entries to see how. And pass it on to your friends.

Thanks a lot.


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