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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Freedom's anniversaries

December 15, 2007 -- This week is an interesting one for anniversaries associated with freedom. Today is the anniversary of the Bill of Rights, without which we would helpless in the face of government intursions into our personal liberty. And tomorrow is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, when colonists protested the hated British Stamp Act by throwing a cargo of tea into the Borson Harbor. It is less known that the Stamp Act was used as a means of censorship as well. Newspapers could not be sold without a Tax Stamp attached, and that increased the cost of the newspaper so that peole could not afford to buy it. The government is still telling us what we cannot read, and here is your chance to fight back.

Various celebrations of these historical occurences are set. Here in Utah, we Libertarians rather badly need just a minute of your time to help us out with the last phase of our ballot petition. Scroll down this page to the heading "Petition Help" from a recent blog; and please take a minute right now to download a petit0n, and sign it. then get a few others to do the same and send it in to the Party or to me. so easy, and yet so important. You don't have to risk arrest or being shot to protect your freedom, so you have it much better than many others. And please send this blog to your Utah e-mail list and ask their help as well. I went to my PO Box last night and found no petitions. Next week, help fill it up with them, even if they only have a couple of signatures.

W. Andrew McCullough
PO Box 651147
Salt Lake City, UT 84165



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