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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Need Petition help

Our Libertarian Petition to get us on the Utah ballot came is almost 600 signatures short. We need at least 700 more to assure getting on the ballot. I am all set to run for office, and cannot do that without my party. Please help. Download the petition at my website, (left side of home page), get some people to sign it, and get it to me -- even if you don't have a full page. Every signature at this point counts. This is my last time to run for office, and I need support to even be able to start. E-mail this to your friends. If a bunch of people just got 10 signatures each, it would be over in a week. We will be taking signatures at least through the end of the year. Pass them out at your Christmas party.

The petition says something about wanting to join th party. Do not worry, you do not have to join the party. Just help us get on the ballot, and we will not bother you about anything else.

Just think of what politics would be like without fun people like me. What a dull thing it would be.


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