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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wild ride Continuied

Today is Christmas. It is a day of quiet in a sea of turmoil. Last night, as I got ready to go to church for Christmas Eve service, I heard the news that the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals will not issue a stay of the District Court's ruling over same sex marriage. So far, Utah County (and I think a couple of others) have refused to issue same sex marriage licenses. The Utah County clerk indicated that he was waiting to see that the Tenth Circuit did about the request for a stay. Now we know; and we will see what happens tomorrow. There have been long lines of those who wish to marry. They have been very anxious, because the privilege could be taken from them at any moment. Now it appears that this will not happen. By the time the Tenth Circuit issues a ruling, there will have been thousands of weddings. It will be difficult to put the genie back into the bottle.

Meanwhile the Governor has appointed a new Attorney General, Sean Reyes, an attorney who lost in the primary election last year to John Swallow. He is, of course, going to run in the special election next year. And he will certainly put all possible efforts into overturning the two recent marriage rulings by the Federal courts. So, I watch the amazing events with great interest. If I were Attorney General, I would do what I could, within my authority, to abandon the appeals and to allow those who wish to marry the freedom to do so. I remember what Mildred Loving said regarding her ground-breaking appeal to the Supreme Court (Loving v. Virginia, regarding the right to marry someone of a different race) - that she just thought people should be able to marry the one they loved. Seems simple enough to me.

There were many who thought that the Governor should appoint someone as Attorney General who would not immediately start campaigning for election, and could give full attention to the mess in that office. He chose not to do so. Hopefully the new Attorney General will be a bit more up front with how he finances his campaign. Nevertheless, for the people of Utah, the change of direction will not be as substantial as we would hope. We will still have someone in that office who will spend taxpayer money defending State efforts to tell us how to live our private lives. He will not only fight the marriage appeals, but he will fully prosecute the "war on drugs" and put many more people in prison. I offer a change in direction, where the State is not our "big brother", and where there is more freedom. Help me pass the word. And let freedom ring!


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