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Saturday, November 03, 2012

More Freedom. Less Oppression

November 3, 2012 Up early for a Saturday. Having trouble sleeping lately. Too much on my mind. The Deseret News poll published this morning gives me only 3% of the vote for Utah Attorney General, with 18% still undecided. Still too many who do not know I am running. Please help pass the word. . . . Salt Lake City Weekly this week predicts that the Democratic Party in Utah will be beaten worse than in a long time this year, mostly due to Mitt Romney's presence on the ballot. I think the problem is made worse by the party's conscious decision to nominate active LDS members for all the high offices. This appears to be backfiring, as they no longer present a real choice. That leaves only alternative voices like mine. . . . I am going to add some material here from others. Please consider sending a link to this blog to others, to increase the number of people seeing it. Such an easy thing to help the cause of freedom. . . . Here is a great little video, less than two minutes, made my friend, Val. I'm impressed: . . . . I was also impressed this week by a couple of lawyers, both Democrats, who posted endorsements of me on their Facebook pages. Here is one from Ed Flint: A plea to all Democrats in Utah: Our party's candidate for Utah Attorney General is NOT the right person for that job. He also has zero chance of winning and is more interested in turning Weber County into a police state first, then expanding his evil empire to the rest of Utah. Of all the candidates, the ONLY one that's a capable, experienced trial lawyer and supporter of the Constitution is: W. ANDREW McCULLOUGH, LIBERTARIAN. If every Democrat knew what only a handful of Utah attorneys know from first-hand experience, our party would both reject Dee Smith and support Andy McCullough! VOTE!!! . . . . And here is one from Tyler Ayres: please vote for Andrew McCullough for Utah Attorney General. No, he's not the republican or democratic candidate but he is the best candidate for the job. I've known him for years, watched him work, and I am confident he would make an excellent AG. Furthermore, if we are going to start the process of repairing our broken country we need an alternative to the status quo. a vote for Andy is a vote not only for the AG but for a new outlook. please go vote.... in this instance not only does your vote count but it is vital to this movement! . . . . Rocky Anderson, former SLC mayor and third party candidate for President, was quoted in City Weekly this week seemingly favoring Democrat Dee Smith for Attorney General. Rocky and Dee Snith wouldnot likely agree on ANYTHING. When I wrote and asked him why, he sent this response: I didn't endorse -- and actually talked in the article about how much I love you doing what you do in our state. You ARE such a colorful person -- and I am so glad you're here! . . . . I am very thankful to those who have expressed support (some of which seems a little backhanded). I am sad at some of those who have expressed a lack of support. One thing is particularly bothering me. I have always supported the movement for equality for the LGBT community, and I bought a big ad in Q Salt Lake magazine for September and October. When equality Utah did their endosements this year, I filled out their questionnaire and never heard back. They later claimed they sent an ivitation for an endorsement interview. I did not get it (checked my competer for such messages). They did not endorse Dee Smith the Democrat, either (as is usual for them). Neither did the Stonewll Democratic Club. When I tred this week to post a mention of those facts on Equality Utah's Facebook page, I found that I am blocked from posting there. I am sad and a bit angry that it has come to that. But this little feud should not block the message that neither of my opponents have any sympathy for those who do not march in lockstep. If you are gay, if you smoke mj, if you like watching exotic dancers, if you drink alcohol, if you don't go to (the dominant) church every week, I really am your only choice to show your opposition to the establshment. I actually lead a pretty straight life. I have never yet had a cup of coffee (really). And I have many LDS supporters too. But I am strongly opposed to those who would make their choices mandatory for others. Help send the message. . . . . Please.


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