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Friday, July 03, 2009

July Fourth and other fun events

July 3, 2009

Tomorrow is Independence Day, and a great cause to celebrate. Our country has many problems; and there is much disagreement over solutions. We all have to admit, however, that it is a better place than most alternatives. And we all can and should work to make it better. Tomorrow, for instance there will be a "Tea Party" rally at the Utah Capitol from 1 to 4 PM. These anti-tax rallies started as protests on "Tax Day" in April, and have expanded to remind us that the government is too big, spends too much of our money, and makes too many rules. I have been asked to make a short speech between 2 and 3 PM, so if you are utterly bored with other Fourth activities, come up and join us. Our tax protesting Founding Fathers would feel right at home.

Today I first heard that Governor Palin of Alaska would not run for reelection in 2010. Then, in only an hour or so, it was announced that she will resign next month. Some say she will devote full time to running for President. I sure hope not. Her resignation announcement today was disjointed, rambling and almost incoherent. I was very grateful that she was not a heartbeat from the presidency. Wow, for those of us who like to watch Repbublcian follies from afar, it has been an interesting time. Perhaps we will soon hear that she has been having an affair; but at any rate, I can only believe that the citizens of Alaska will be better off.

Yesterday, it was announced that the National Security Agency will be building a large "spy center" in Salt Lake County, near the national guard camp. that will bring lots of new "Federal money" to Utah; and some see it as an economic boots. Personally, I am not thrilled to be surrounded with Federal spies. If I were given a choice between this and a nuclear waste depository, I would have to give it some thought before deciding.

Well, I always spend part of the July Fourth holiday time watching my favorite old movie -- "1776". It is a wonderful musical about the Declaration of Independence, and is a great history lesson. If you haven't seen it, buy it or rent it and find out more about how your country was started. So, I am off to watch my movie, as tomorrow evening I will be out watching fireworks with friends. Hope you have a great holiday too.


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