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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some thoughts

June 11, 2009

Much has happened since I last wrote anything here. Life, as always, is hectic. My good old friend, Mark Shurtleff is running for Senate, and is grandstanding as usual to get attention. This week he created a "task force" to investigate crimes by and among immigrants. In Utah, that will give him good press, while adding nothing to law enforcement. All crimes should be investigated, depending on their seriousness, not the skin color of the alleged perpetrator. But those who hid behind fear, and try to whip it up in others, will be pleased; and more money will come into his campaign war chest.

There are now at least 4 candidates for the Senate race next year. So far, nobody is running for governor, but there is much talk about who might, including the Salt Lake County Mayor, Peter Corroon. Look for Libertarian candidates for major offices soon -- not including, I hope, "Super Dell"

On another front, "Miss California" in the Miss Universe Pageant, who has been controversial for some time, was fired this week. She was famously asked a question about gay marriage, which I thought was a very unfair question to be asked in such a contest. She and I do NOT agree on the subject, but she did not come across as a bigot, just someone who disagrees with me. And then, she was in trouble again over "semi-nude" photographs on the internet. Now they say the firing was because of breach of contract, as she did not make appearances, etc. I can't help think it was because she engaged in unpopular speech. As somnone who defends free speech for a living, I am bothered that a young girl is hounded by those who do not think she is "correct" in either her political or sexual expression. Requiring someone to be politically correct in a beauty contest is not appropriate; and if this is all an outgrowth of that, shame on those who have done this.

Last weekend the Libertarians had a booth at Salt Lake Pride, and we signed up many potential new members. We are working hard to give Utah a real alternative -- a chance to say "No" to censorship, the war on drugs, and government interference in our lives. Help us spread the word, and stay tuned here for more news of freedom.


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