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Monday, April 13, 2009

Loss of a "friend"

April 13, 2009

On a wall in a back office in my law office is a photo of Marilyn Chambers, endorsed "To Andy with Lust". The photo was done for me when Marilyn ran for Vice President on the "Personal Choice" ticket in 2004. It is a treasured memento from someone I always wanted to meet, and now never will. Marilyn was found dead in her home last night, of unknown causes, at age 56.

Marilyn was a high fashion model in the 70's and was featured on the front of the box of Ivory Snow detergent, holding a baby. That photo was quickly removed when it was found that she had starred in one of America's first mass appeal porn movies, "Behind the Green Door". She starred in a number of other porn movies, and did some mainstream stage and movie acting as well. As an attorney who champions free speech, she was a hero -- someone who was a pioneer in the effort to topple outdated censorship laws, and to allow Americans to enjoy watching whatever entertainment they felt appropriate without government interference.

I feel as though I lost a friend, and I am sad. Thank you, Marilyn for what you did for our freedom. You will be missed.


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